Why Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory Essay

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I do believe that Vaccinations should be required because of my personal experiences with vaccinations. While I was a young child many of the vaccinations really helped me strengthen my immune system. I believe that it depends on the type of vaccination if it should be required or not. There is fear and controversy in this because the faith the people put into the government and the medical field. I will go into more details on why or why not we should be required to have vaccinations. First, I am going to talk about the reasons that vaccinations in America should be required. The vaccinations are not just for the individual themselves. They are for the entire community because it prevents a mass disease to spread throughout the house, community, country, or even world. If you get a vaccination, there is less of a chance to spreading it onto other people. Vaccinations can simply save lives. It gets the immune system stronger to prevent viruses to affect our body. Vaccines do not make the body sick. Although, they do put a tiny dose of the disease in the person to strengthen the immune system to prevent an attack of a stronger dose of the disease. It is better to not have to deal with the disease at all than trying to deal with it after you …show more content…

I would have to side with the requirement that vaccinations should be mandatory because it is not just the health of a single individual but the health of the entire human civilization. As a Christian, I believe that vaccinations help our health. They are something that God has given us. We should use them to our best knowledge to help our body. Although, I see the reasoning behind not requiring vaccinations. Every person has the right, but if they are going to harm the rest of the human race just because they do not vaccinations I do not agree with that. I do believe that vaccinations are a good thing and should be

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