Why We Should Not Vaccinate Children

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I will be writing about whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate your children. I will then give my own opinions about whether I am in favor of vaccinating or not vaccinating children. It is important to know whether you should vaccinate your children or not and how you should do it. I will be giving facts found from websites and cite the websites. I will be talking about one side and the other. You shouldn’t vaccinate your children because of the harmful chemicals in the vaccines, not only are the chemicals harmful but the vaccines you take are not proven to last forever therefore you will have to get the vaccine again which puts you more at risk of the harmful chemicals. Another reason to not vaccinate is because vaccines have side effects that are more harmful than some of the diseases that the vaccine prevents meaning that not only are they dangerous but they are unnecessary. My last reason for not vaccinating your children is because some diseases that vaccines have been made to prevent have disappeared. …show more content…

Vaccines are safe for children, the chemicals that go into vaccines are the same chemicals that children are exposed to everyday. Another reason that your child should vaccinate is because it saves children and saves money of the parents this makes more children to be capable of getting vaccinated. Vaccines are proven to eliminate smallpox and chickenpox, this means that there is more to come from vaccines who knows what other diseases it could

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