Vaccination Strengthens A Child's Immune System

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It is natural for parents to be worried about their children in getting vaccinated. Majority of the parents believed that giving a child more than one vaccine at a time can increase the risk of harmful side effects which can overload the child’s immune system. In fact, this is not true. Many parents avoid or delay in giving vaccination routine for their children in order to prevent any harm. More than one vaccine and getting vaccinated can lead to dangerous side effects and it would weaken the immune system is what everyone presume often. The society believes that vaccination is seen as a bad luck but in reality it is seen as a life saver. The majority of the evidence shows that receiving several vaccines at the same time has no pernicious effects on a child’s immune system. …show more content…

It is pivotal that children should get several vaccines because it would secure them from any types of exposures such as measles, mumps, rubella or chickenpox for a protracted time. MMR is a good example in which it’s a combined vaccination and it allows a child to have fewer injections as well as getting less pain. It’s a way of protecting your children from getting sick, missing school, daycare or even time as well as money. There is another evidence that even pregnant mothers can protect their unborn child by getting recommended vaccines such as flu vaccine, Tdap, and hepatitis B and

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