Flu Vaccine Persuasive Essay

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Your sick child takes a drink without you looking, you take a drink after him not knowing that he is carrying the flu virus. You get up in the middle of the night, feeling sick to your stomach, running a fever, and feeling queasy. You think back to the last time you have shared or gotten close to anyone sick, you remember that your child is sick and think back to the last time you or him got a flu vaccine, or any vaccine. Vaccines help protect us from sickness and build up antigens to fight the virus off. Children should get vaccines for the protection of others. Vaccination rules need to be changed to prevent a major outbreak of several or one diseases. The CDC can reduce the number of unvaccinated children by creating strict rules that parents must follow. Therefore; the vaccines will be technically forced upon the child if needed and given proper …show more content…

Today, young children receive vaccines to protect them against 14 different diseases. Because some vaccines require more than one dose, children can receive as many as 26 inoculations by 2 years of age and up to five shots at one time. For this reason, some parents now ask their doctors to space out, separate or withhold vaccines. If the parent(s) decided to not vaccinate their child, the child may not have the necessary antibodies to fight off infection. That is why to protect the child, the vaccine needs to be not enforced on the child, but strongly suggested by the doctor. Following that, the doctor needs to inform the parent on what the vaccine will do to help the child. Convincing the parent what the pros on the vaccine are will raise the chances of agreeing to the injected vaccine. Some children are afraid of shots, so there is alternatives to this matter. The vaccine can be injected by nasal spray, liquid medicine, a swallow tablet, or in the more popular way, a shot. The CDC can send of PSA’s to inform the general public of the matter of

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