Vaccination In California

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The question of whether or not children should be vaccinated has being in the minds or parents for quite a long time and parents in California will no longer be able to make that decision. California legislature has passed a new law that requires every child attending school to be vaccinated. The only exception to this rule will be for medical reasons, not religious or personal reasons. Parents are now questioning whether or not California lawmakers have the authority to have a say in their children lives. Although it may seem as if California lawmakers are trying to control your child’s life, vaccines do have significant benefits. Thus California legislature is doing people right by requiring vaccinations in order to attend school. Vaccines…show more content…
They would do this by passing a law requiring all children to be vaccinated in order to attend school, with the only exceptions being for medical reasons. “Under the proposal, if a parent chooses to not vaccinate their child, the parent would have to home-school their child, participate in a multifamily private home-school or use public school independent study that 's administered by local education agencies,” (Wire). The new bill that has passed through California law makers has made it a point to protect its people by requiring all children to get vaccinated. This would not only protect the vaccinated child, but other children who have disorders such as an autoimmune deficiency where they cannot get vaccinated. If every child is vaccinated, it lowers the risks of the non vaccinated child to come to school, creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone. The reason for this new law is the recent measles outbreak that occurred in disneyland. Specialists argue that if vaccines were required for everyone to have, the measles outbreak wouldn 't have spread so far. “The overwhelming number of people who have gotten infected, particularly among the children, are children that have not been vaccinated, because parents, for reasons that are really not based on any scientific data, just don’t want their children to be vaccinated,”…show more content…
Some parents might argue that vaccines are not safe, and that by the government forcing parents to vaccinate their children, they are harming their children. Skeptical parents may thing that vaccines are not safe due to autism being linked to vaccines in some rare cases. On the contrary, vaccines are actually very safe and effective, “Vaccines are only given to children after a long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals… The disease-prevention benefits of getting vaccines are much greater than the possible side effects for almost all children,” ( By having healthcare professions carefully examine the child to make sure he or she is ready for the vaccine shows how much they care about the safety and welfare of your child. Concluding that healthcare professionals are using safe treatments on your child. Parents might also say how it is too much money to vaccinate their child. If they end up choosing to not vaccinate their child, the cost of homeschooling and medical bills will surpass the cost of the vaccines immensely. “Some vaccine-preventable diseases can result in prolonged disabilities and can take a financial toll because of lost time at work, medical bills or long-term disability care,” ( The medical bills that come with contracting a fully preventable disease can be outrageously expensive. Therefore by vaccinating your child you will actually saving money in the long run. And on top of that, most insurance
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