Analysis: Should It Adequate To Not Be Vaccinated?

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In the essay, the author summarizes how it is unacceptable to not be vaccinated. The author relates vaccinations to drunk driving and smoking. Interestingly, they compare drunk driving and smoking in public places which are against the law, but getting vaccinations are not considered a law. Considering that getting vaccinations are a choice while drunk driving are not choices makes these comparison statements invalid. Also, the author claims that the declining rates of vaccinations are the evidence from the outbreaks of current diseases. This point could be more realistic if the author stated the current disease outbreaks that have evidence that they are from not getting vaccinated in America. Furthermore, the author states a case when a woman that was not vaccinated went to Tucson and became sick. It is stated that this woman went to a hospital and she gave fourteen people measles which led to costly problems. There is no evidence that the woman gave measles to these fourteen people in the …show more content…

Also, it is stated that unvaccinated people should have a harder time to opt out of being vaccinated by having a higher health care cost, higher insurance, and separate activities. All of those are over-exaggerated for this issue because, they all call for the government to intrude into people’s personal lives and not giving people the freedom of their rights. In addition, some people do not get vaccinated because of religious views, but it is stated that they can opt out if their religion is documented. So, what happens to the people that become sick and are not vaccinated and cannot afford health care? They could possibly spread a new disease that vaccinations do not cover and puts vaccinated and people who are not vaccinated at risk. Or, what if the vaccination causes a new disease in people? This is a unfair treatment and should stay a

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