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Disneyland, also known as the happiest place on Earth, has recently been the considered one of the most dangerous places on Earth for those that have not received a measles vaccination. A measles outbreak had swept across the park only months ago, causing many unvaccinated individuals and those too young to be vaccinated to contract the awful sickness. Also, the individuals who became sick returned home and began to spread the germ in their towns and cities. The measles vaccine is proven to be extremely effective, so if parents had made the decision of vaccinating their children, the outbreak could have easily been prevented. Measles is one of many diseases that are preventable with immunizations, yet some individuals refuse to cooperate. The CDC has urged the public to understand that the vaccinations are safe by stating, …show more content…

Source A states, "When vaccination rates drop in a community, it's not uncommon to have an outbreak." Those that do not get immunized contribute to the chances of an outbreak occurring. The measles vaccine is proven to be the most effective vaccine, and it is also safe. Source C states, "Measles remains the eighth leading cause of mortality worldwide and the greatest vaccine-preventable cause of death among children. Studies have shown that unvaccinated children are 35 times more likely to contract the disease then immunized children." Parents are putting their children at risk of a life threatening disease out of fear. The possible side effects of the vaccine are nowhere near as like to occur as contracting the disease without the vaccine. The eighth leading cause of death in children is preventable, yet some parents are too stubborn to get their children the vaccine to completely wipe out the measles and other life threatening

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