Hpv Vaccine Research Paper

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There has been a huge controversy concerning vaccination for children from many parents. Many parents had different reason on why they were for or against vaccination. Some for religious purposes, concerned about the long-term side effects. Most parents feel that vaccine is poison. The fact that doctors are injecting something into their child can be terrifying. Others, on the other hand, admire the fact that doctors were taking contributing to preventative healthcare. Calling the shots documentary is extremely informative. With great pleasure, I will share all I’ve learned and my reaction. It is unbelievable how these airborne diseases can easily affect people. To begin with, I honestly didn’t know the importance of vaccination. After watching Calling The Shots, I truly believe that vaccines can save many lives and prevent a lot of diseases. I am now aware of the epidemics that are surfacing the air. It is mind-boggling that many of these diseases, travel in the air and anyone can be affected if they are not shielded. It is better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, according to the documentary there are huge risks of opting out of the vaccines. Why risk catching something that could’ve been easily prevented with the proper dosage of the vaccine. One thing that stood out to me is the HPV vaccine. HPV can cause cervical cancer and you can avoid all of …show more content…

I learned the importance of the vaccines, that it is much more beneficial than it is harmful. Therefore, opting out of vaccine comes with a lot of risks and threats that parents should take into consideration. Those who are affected are children, if not immediately in the long run. For example, skipping on the HPV vaccination during the allowed age range can cause an individual to develop cervical cancer after being in contact with HPV. I am now more than ever for the idea of

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