Against Vaccination Research Paper

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question. Vaccination has sparked heated debate since its development amongst the following groups; parents, naturopaths, medical professionals, etc. Fuel has been added to the fire of the vaccine debate by the media and anti-vaxxer fear mongering tactics, making it hard for those considering vaccination, to decipher fact from myth. It is vital that we first understand the facts rather than believing the latest rumor before making an informed decision to vaccinate or not. This is the aim of this report. Through analytical research presented in this report I have come to the conclusion that vaccines are not only crucial and beneficial but that everyone who is eligible should be vaccinated, as that …show more content…

However, when our bodies encounter unfamiliar antigens our immune system may not be able to fight off the antigen before infection occurs resulting in us becoming sick. This is where vaccines can be beneficial. They work by preparing the immune system for possible exposure to a virus by injecting a weakened or dead form of the virus into the bloodstream. Hence, infection does not occur as immunity is achieved and the immune system knows how to combat the foreign invader when exposed to a stronger form of the virus. As a result of vaccination, antibodies will be produced that attack the weakened virus without infection occurring as it would with natural infection. The antibodies will remain in the body and when exposure to the virus occurs the immune system will have a memory of how to fight it in the future. Despite the biological benefits of vaccinations, there is still debate on this topic. It is important that we understand where people 's doubts about vaccines lie and if they are valid or not. The main concerns people have with vaccines are that they are believed to be unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary, but is this …show more content…

The truth is that natural infection does provide lifelong immunity. The Children 's Hospital of Philadelphia confirms that yes natural infection more often than not, causes better immunity than vaccines, however as previously mentioned the risks associated with natural infection are significant, this idea is enforced by pediatrician Ari Brown, who says, “I 've seen children with serious cases of measles, mumps and whooping cough, and I have seen children die from chickenpox. I promise you that these are diseases you don 't want your child to get,” [11]. There is also the risk that after natural chickenpox infection “the virus can remain dormant in the peripheral nerves for 50 years or more emerging when either the peripheral nerves become inflamed (often by injury) or immune suppression develops. It reemerges as shingles,” [3]. This is an extremely painful disease that can be described as a severe version of chickenpox and has a high mortality rate in adults. It should also be noted that there has been a “28.5% increase in shingles between 2000 and 2001 in people 20-69 years old,” [12]. These are people that would not have had access to the chickenpox vaccine, which was only beginning to become widespread around 1995 when a 20 year old (in 2012) would have been around 3 or 4. They would have most likely caught the chickenpox virus already. This shows that before the

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