Vaccinate Children Research Paper

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Introduction Protecting your child’s health is very important, that’s why most parents choose immunsations. Nothing protects children better from 14 serious childhood diseases. This investigation will help to determine the reason to vaccinate children and how not vaccinating can impact on society. A guiding question ‘Do you believe children should be vaccinated’ is to help guide this essay I have three focus questions these include: 1. What are the reasons to vaccinate children? 2. Is Tony Abbott by taking away the Family Tax Benefit from non-vaccinated children’s families going to change the way they think about immunizing? 3. What is the cost on society of non-immunised children? To have evidence for the secondary research the use of survey was undertaken in which 17/17 people responded, answering questions to their best ability. Reasons to be vaccinated Vaccines help to prevent infectious diseases and save lives. Vaccines are responsible for the control of many infectious diseases that were once common in Australia; including Polio, Measles, diphtheria, and Whooping Cough, Rubella, Mumps, Tetanus and Haemophilus Influenza Type B. there are many reasons to vaccinate children, these …show more content…

Not all the people who answered had children, although many responded with reasonable answers. I asked the question of ‘what disease children were being vaccinated with at a 18 month old vaccinations’; this was to determine how many people knew what a child was actually being vaccinatnated for. The correct answer contained the following: Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Varicella (Chickenpox). Only 7 out of 17 people answered this correctly, this just show how many people with or without children know what a children is being protected from. Below is a graph to show the

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