Should People Get Flu Shot Essay

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There are lots of people who get sick from the flu every year, but the majority of the people who get the flu are the ones who didn’t get the vaccine. With these individuals are spreading the virus around instead of trying to prevent the flu going to others, but at the same time there are reasons to why one has not gotten the vaccine. Yes people should get the flu vaccine due to the dangers of the virus. It can lead up to death, especially with the elderly and young children. As well, there are some effects that one chooses not to vaccinate their families. There are benefits with getting the vaccine, as there are other reasons to why they don’t with family history. So why don’t people get the flu shot? Why don’t people get the flu shot is one of the many questions a health care provider hears as well as some of the community. Should people get the flu shot? With getting the flu shot individuals are protecting themselves from the flu by building up an immunity to the virus itself, without getting the shot you are not going to be able to fight the flu of faster then the ones who got and will have the flu more sever then if you had gotten the shot. Many think that if they do get the shot they will end up getting the flu as well as get sick right after the …show more content…

“The viruses in the flu shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot” (CDC). An individual cannot get sick from the shot the only way one can get sick is if they already are getting some time of cold/bug. Some also think they can get the flu by getting the vaccine, like said earlier it’s a dead virus you can end up with the flu from the time you get the shot and in a couple weeks due to the immunity one’s body has. It takes time to create the antibodies for the flu, within the first two days one can get a flu that’s just the individual’s body preparing antibodies against the

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