Needleless Flu Shot Research Paper

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Imagine you’re lying in your bed for days, feeling terrible due to the flu. The flu shot is an effective way to prevent the flu every year. The antibodies in the vaccine change each year to work efficiently. Patients should get the flu vaccine to prevent their bodies from sickness. Throughout each year, people get the flu shot to properly prevent the flu. Every few years, the flu shot intensifies, increasing the risk of getting the flu. The flu vaccine is created to protect people from viruses, needle wounds, and deaths/hospitalization. People all around the world receive the flu shot to prevent them from getting the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), vaccines change every year. Due to the estimation…show more content…
Few alternatives such as the nasal spray flu vaccine have been made. Now people will no longer be able to use the excuse of being afraid of needles. Doctors from walk in clinics say the main reason people dislike flu shots is because of their fear of needles. The needleless vaccine gets into your body much faster than the normal vaccine. It delivers the vaccine into the muscle in about a tenth of a second. Kathy Callender states that “Needleless vaccines will likely generate the most efficient results in preventing muscle pain.” Another benefit of the needleless flu shot would be the prevention of contamination. The nasal spray vaccine reduces the possibility of cross-contamination. The needleless flu shot is offered to people who dislike…show more content…
Some patients are allergic to certain things in the vaccine, resulting in side effects such as breathing problems. Medical professionals have made alterations to the vaccine in hopes of preventing side effects. As mentioned earlier, medication has been made to reduce any side effects. Several pregnant women decide not to receive the vaccine. Many of the women believe it will harm the baby, but statistics prove the vaccine would protect them and their developing babies from the flu. Others choose not to receive the vaccine because they believe they don’t need it. Germs spread throughout the whole year from schools, students, and hands especially during flu season. Getting the flu shot can prevent the risk of getting sick. By not getting the vaccine, you’re putting yourself and those around you at risk of getting the flu. Although some people dislike the vaccine, it’s effective in preventing the
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