Flu Vaccination Benefits

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There is a discussion of mandatory flu vaccinations. Which is compromising the staff autonomy because there aren’t able to make their own choice and do what they want. For the beneficence the staff who are willing to get the vaccination is putting their patients health first. For maleficence the staff who are not willing to get the vaccination have the possibility of putting their patients at risk or anyone they come in contact with. For the justice, there aren’t any federal laws for flu vaccinations because they support the state laws. Some states will have requirements and exemptions for vaccinations. Generally most of the exemptions apply to students and not employees. If there is a hospital policy the exemption won’t apply (Philips, 2015).

I believe that the biggest conflict of people getting the flu vaccine is that there are too many older …show more content…

It shouldn’t have to matter whether the other person is a customer or patient they shouldn’t be at risk for catching the flu. Everyone’s body responds different to sickness. Some people already deal with not having a good immune system and being prone to getting sick. If a person already have a compromised immune system then catching something as simple as the flu can cause them to hospitalized. Generally there is an about 3,697 deaths per year due to the influenza (CDC, 2015). This number may seem quite low when thinking of the entire population but this is something that could easily be prevented. Why should someone have to die from being diagnosed with a seasonal virus that has a vaccination. I know that not everyone can afford to pay for the flu vaccine but if enough people who could afford it got the vaccine, those who can’t wont be exposed. It could work like eradication of an infectious disease. If enough people are vaccinated then the disease will disappear based on no one being able to be

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