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Do You Think Children Should Get The Flu Shot? To shoot or not to shot? This is a major question from the majority who have lost confidence in the influenza vaccine, also called the flu shot. I am going to be up front with you, to tell my personal opinion of how I feel about this shot. To me, it’s a two-sided story, why or why not children should obtain the flu shot. For instance, I really believe that the age of six months is too young for a flu shot. This only my opinion, furthermore in this presentation of pros and cons concerning the flu shot, included are statements from average people who have basic concerns for and against this shot. Facts are also noted from professional experts that give reason as to why the flu shot is vital to adults as well as children. According to the Center of …show more content…

K.S. from Columbus, Ohio states “I have no intention of getting it. Even before we all actually got the flu. The number of people who die from the disease is very low and from what I’ve seen and read, are people who should get the vaccine. The average healthy person, while getting sick is no panic, will do just fine if they do get the flu. These are just a few personal opinions and experiences from people in this country. Everyone will have different experiences because it is like a game of chance on how one’s body will react to the shot. The flu strain and the formula are different every year. There are scientific reports that the flu death numbers are way too high. A pandemic swept through America and killed more people than the deaths associated at the time of WW1. {} The flu virus is designed to help prevent widespread tragedies such as this. Pharmaceutical companies are powerful and use lots of money to push their drugs, called developments. Most cases, the drugs are not really needed, and all side effects are not proven before they are placed for public usage. Some vaccines are well worth the risk, but that’s not the case with the

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