Arguments Against Influenza Vaccines

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The influenza pandemic was devastating among those infected and was responsible for the death of 675,000 Americans and 50 million people all over the world in 1918. As a result of this devastation, vaccines were formulated to prevent future outbreak of deadly and viral diseases, some becoming required by law. However, today many people have decided to boycott any form of vaccination whether it be for their children, or even their pets, due to the modern theory that they may weaken new immune systems. History has proven over time that vaccinations are absolutely effective in preventing dangerous strains of illnesses while saving countless lives since their creation and should be given to all children and at-risk adults. The idea of vaccination was first introduced in 1796 by Edward Jenner, when he inoculated a 13-year old boy with vaccinia virus. After positive results the first real smallpox vaccine was created in 1798. Over time, the science behind these life-saving …show more content…

Some children/adults could be carrying a disease without knowing and when in close proximity or contact with another being, could infect them with something threatening. Illnesses may also be spread by bacteria left behind. Something as simple and “harmless” as a sneeze could emit germs and pathogens that could easily be spread to those breathing in surrounding air. In these instances, choosing to not inoculate your children is nothing short of selfish and irresponsible. The health of others around should be taken into consideration when making this decision. “If the vaccination rate drops significantly within a community, the population is no longer protected, putting the unvaccinated at risk. Some people specifically choose vaccination because they feel that it will protect others from disease”

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