Vaccinating Children Should Not Be Made Essay

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Imagine the world described in fiction novels, disease haunts the world and people live in fear, not knowing whether they will survive another day. Measles, a disease most thought eradicated by its powerful immunization, still causes 16 deaths every hour. Though nearly 84% of the United States has been vaccinated against this, a recent outbreak has caused an eruption of opinions on the topic. Though many may argue that a child’s medical related decisions should be made by the child’s parent or guardian. In actuality, those who are not vaccinated for any contagious disease, pose a threat to the general health of the citizens of United States, as well as bringing back previously eradicated diseases. Rhett Krawitt, a 6 year-old cancer fighter, and survivor, battled cancer for more than four years and has recently been has been declared cancer free, but for another problem recently became apparent. During his treatment, Rhett was unable to return to school; his immune system had been greatly weakened by the destructive means of chemotherapy and other treatments. Although Rhett is now cured, returning to school poses a large threat to his health and even his life. Due to the condition of his immune system, Rhett and his family believe it’s unsafe to vaccinate him. When injected with a …show more content…

This means if just one person were to get infected they could infect millions of other people. With the era of antibiotics coming to an end, some of these illnesses could prove fatal. Since people use them frequently, diseases can resist commonly used antibiotics. Untreated people are a danger to everyone around them, and they can revive fatal diseases of the past. So when vaccinations offer freedom from this fear, what reason is there to neglect it from a child, adult, or anyone? It could be that unvaccinated person that starts an

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