Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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Being a part of a family that believes in vaccination, I also grew to believe it. Now that I am old enough to understand what it is and can find more reasons as to why we should have it. It made more a believer, that all children should be vaccinated. Children deserve to be safe and healthy. We are all entitled to our opinions, but there are many facts out there that can tell us reasons why vaccines are good for us. I think getting vaccinated would help many people in so many ways. I heard many arguments about vaccines and most of them are positive arguments. If I were to become a parent, I would definitely have my kid get vaccinated because I want my kid to be healthy and free from any illnesses that could come. This is my reason and belief of why people should get vaccinated. Although I believe children should get vaccinated, many believe that they should not. Some people are against it for various reasons. One …show more content…

After further research I was able to gain a better understanding of the good things that vaccines can give people. In one of my research I found more reason why vaccines are good for children and what type of vaccines children should have in schools. School-age children, from preschoolers to college students, need vaccines. Making sure that children receive all their vaccinations on time is one of the most important things you can do as a parent to ensure your children 's long-term health—as well as the health of friends, classmates, and others in your community. Flu vaccines are recommended for kids in preschool and elementary school to help keep them healthy. In fact, all children 6 months and older should get flu vaccines. Preteens and teens need vaccines, too! As kids get older, they are still at risk for certain diseases. Before heading back to school, three vaccines are recommended for 11-12 year olds—HPV, Tdap, and meningococcal conjugate vaccine—for continued protection (School Starts

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