Why Not To Vaccinate Children Essay

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What do Measles, Jenny McCarthy, and Autism have in common? Each one of those things can be linked to vaccines or vaccinations. As with most things today we turn to the world wide web for information on a variety of different things, how to renovate your house, what types of cleaners will get out certain types of stains, what are the symptoms of this disease or that ailment. The question of whether or not to vaccinate your children also falls into this category. With the large number of unqualified celebrities now speaking out about why not to vaccinate your children there has been a reduction in parents choosing to vaccinate their children. With all of the scare tactics that are currently in place it is hard to tell what is real and what is false. A bonus of this could be that parents are more likely to look for information from both sides and make the best decisions they can for their child. Consequently, there are many parents that believe everything …show more content…

It actually wasn’t even a new argument 100 or 200 years ago. Vaccinations have been a hot topic since their creation in ancient times over a thousand years ago when the Chinese first used inoculation to gain immunity from disease. Inoculation was the first step towards vaccinations. Instead of getting a shot to start an immunity in your body, doctors would take some of the pus from an open wound of someone who had the disease, such as Smallpox, and they would make cuts, usually on your arm, and place the infection inside of those cuts. The person they would take the pus from was usually someone who had a very mild case of the disease they were trying to inoculate the person from. Once the pus was placed in a person’s wound they would get the disease. The hope was that they would get a minor case of the disease but that wasn’t always the case. Many people died from this process and obviously that caused a lot of controversy. (History of

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