Vaccines Argumentative Essay

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Vaccinations are vital to the safety of the human race. People who do not vaccinate, called anti-vaxxers, are putting public health in danger. While vaccines may cause an allergic reaction, they are safe and should be used because children recover from vaccine induced reactions with no lasting effects, autisms link to vaccines lacks consistent evidence for association, anti-vaxxers put those who cannot receive vaccines because medical reasons at risk, and vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives. Reactions caused by vaccines have not shown any negative lasting effects. Anti-vaxxers claim that vaccines are not worth the risk, but the risks of vaccines are the same as an aspirin (Vaccine Myths). Vaccines are no more dangerous than any other medicine that is used universally by most people. Although vaccines can cause an allergic reaction, that is true with all medicines. Reactions resulting from vaccines can consist of muscle soreness, rash, headache, fever, fatigue, and seizures, none of which, show lasting effects. However, these reactions occur very rarely, and there is no scientific proof that the vaccines caused it or other outside factors (Possible side-effects). There is no correlation, whatsoever, between autism and vaccines. Anti-vaxxers claim that vaccines cause autism, but there is no scientific data to back this up. In a …show more content…

There are currently twenty-four vaccines for over fifty diseases (Centers). Although there are many vaccines, 1.5 million children die from a disease that could have been prevented. Not vaccinating is putting the future of humanity in danger by destroying the potential of these children. Vaccines can not only save millions of lives, but save billions of dollars. Vaccinations could save the human population billions of dollars by reducing medical costs caused by treatment of the preventable diseases

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