Should Vaccines Be Mandatory

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You 've most likely heard the argument of if vaccines should be required for kids. It 's a pretty controversial topic and many people have very strong opinions on the matter. If you were to ask for my opinion on the topic I would say that I 100% agree that vaccines should be required. I think that vaccines should be required for a plethora of reasons; and their not my opinion either, their based on factual evidence. The first reason i believe that vaccines should be mandatory is that they truly save children 's lives. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics "Most childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective in preventing disease." That is an extremely big percentage when talking about the amount of harmful diseases and other maladies.…show more content…
According to World Economic Forum cases of diphtheria, a deadly disease that affects a person’s breathing, has been reduced 100% following the introduction of the vaccine. Also according to World Economic Forum polio which is a life-threatening virus that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis, has also been wiped out in the US as a result of vaccination. Smallpox is also among the diseases that have been completely wiped out due to vaccination, and not only that measles, rubella, and mumps have been reduced by 98%. Of course though the other side always has something that completely contradicts cold hard facts, and they sure did not come up short this time. This time the other side claims that vaccine-preventable diseases had already begun to disappear before the introduction of vaccines, because of better hygiene and sanitation. Although there is no major studies, or really any studies that support this claim. It 's also said that if vaccinations were to be discontinued, diseases such as whooping cough, polio and measles not continue to disappear, they would instead make a complete comeback.
In conclusion I wholeheartedly believe that vaccines should be completely mandatory. There are several reasons why I feel this way and the most prominent being that if everyone were to get vaccinations our generation and the generations would be so much better off. I personally have no clue how you could be against vaccines, there is clear proof the their effectiveness; but i am just one person with one opinion. So what is your opinion on the matter make sure to comment down below and most of all don 't forget to like and
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