Jenner's Arguments Against Vaccines

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In 1796 Edward Jenner, a local doctor in Gloucestershire, England, became obsessed with milkmaids. He started observing them, he said it was for medical research but we’ve all heard that one before. But after a while he started to notice something peculiar, all the milkmaids were immune to smallpox, a highly virulent and common, killer disease at the time. He suspected this was because milkmaids often contracted the relatively mild disease of cowpox first, which somehow made them immune to smallpox. Jenner carried out a famous experiment on an eight-year-old boy and purposely injected him with a small amount of the cowpox virus. As Jenner had hypothesized, the boy was now immune to smallpox. He was so confident that he even carried out the…show more content…
Because despite all this happening in 2004, a recent poll revealed that 18% of Americans still believe Vaccines cause Autism, including the president, Donald Trump. So how does a vaccine work anyway? Well a vaccine is basically an expansion pack for our immune system. When harmful microbes enter our body our immune system kicks into action and releases antibodies, little battleships that hunt down the invading virus or bacteria and exterminate it. But that’s not all your body does, it also records a memory of the configuration of that specific pathogen, and the best way to denature it. Because every pathogen is different, a different approach is needed, in order for our immune system to deal with each and every one. A vaccine contains either a very small and safe amount of the actual pathogen which it’s intended to protect you from or a pathogen which is already dead. Once the inactive pathogen has been injected into our body, an immune system response is triggered and it learns everything about the pathogen and remembers it, so if it ever comes along again, in greater numbers, our immune system is…show more content…
A growing number of people are refusing to vaccinate their children, but doing this doesn’t just affect them It’s also incredibly dangerous for the rest of humanity, because it increases the chances of pathogens multiplying between hosts, mutating and becoming a global pandemic. So yeah, just think about that next time you base your entire scientific consensus from an infographic you saw on Facebook. It’s easy to see why some people are so eager to make the connection. Autism is typically identified in children between the ages of 2 and 3, however symptoms can appear between the ages of 1 to 2. Although it differs from country to country, these crucial years are typically when children are given the majority of their major vaccines, such as measles, mumps and rubella. So the timeframes line up perfectly to shove the blame onto vaccines. When backed up by a “scientific study”, albeit falsified, it’s easy to see how this rumour quickly grew into something quite

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