Vaccines In Brave New World Essay

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In Brave New world the elimination of diseases allows a healthy population to thrive in a disease-free environment. The elimination of diseases is done through vaccinations. Vaccinations have been around since the late 1700’s and have only continued to massively improve today. Polio and smallpox are examples of diseases that have been eradicated or nearly eliminated from the face of the earth. Vaccinations are the future of a disease free world that can easily save millions of lives. By properly educating the public about all of the positive benefits of vaccinations and all the lives that could be saved, we could one day live in a society of no illness like Brave New World.
Disease has been around since the beginning of mankind and up until the late 1700’s, there were no cures available for deadly diseases. Early vaccines date back to the 1100’s when variolation was invented to treat smallpox. Variolation is the process of rubbing fluid from scabs on to superficial scratches on the surface of the skin (“Vaccine Timeline.”). The patient would then develop a less serve case of smallpox and create immunity if the patient would ever come in full contact with smallpox. Variolation …show more content…

Scientist rigorously tests vaccinations to maintain safe quality products for every person. In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to coordinate the Department of Health and Human Services (“History of Vaccines Safety.”). Healthcare providers who provide vaccinations must provide the vaccine information to the person receiving their vaccine. Before vaccinations become available to the public, they must undergo years of research, testing, licensing, trial and much more (“Ethical Issues and Vaccinations.”). Researchers believe it is extremely important for vaccinations to undergo this intensive testing to ensure it is at the safe test possible level before releasing it to the

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