Argument Against Vaccinations

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Before I started this course I had only put minimal thought as to what our rights were in choosing to be vaccinated or not. From what I gathered from being a child and knowing what my nephews are required to have, it was my belief was that vaccinations are a mandated requirement and there was no getting around it. If parents wanted their child to be enrolled in day care, play in little league or just to attend school, it was a requirement to have physicals and for children to be vaccinated. I don’t have any children of my own and because of that I rarely had put any thought as to the number of vaccinations a child must have before the age of four until they reach adulthood. Though not having children does negate my sympathies towards parents’ concerns …show more content…

Even if that meant vaccinating my child against my personal beliefs, mandated or not and without a shadow of doubt, I would have my children vaccinated. For I am unable to comprehend as to why a parent would what to put their own children at risk or for that matter, other children at risk, because of their own personal beliefs. I feel that it is a selfish decision for a parent not to have their child properly vaccinated. After reading this week’s lesson if feel it’s quite clear that people should not have the option to choose to have their children vaccinated. The impact to one’s children and unknowingly to the community is far to great of a risk not to mandate vaccinations for all. This was apparent in our assigned reading of, Tara Hills’ Blog, the Scientific Parent. Her fear and misinformation of vaccinations and ultimately her trust in google created, as what I thought to be a divide between the right thing to do, her pride and loss of control of her family, by choosing to forego the recommend vaccination requirements. But what she

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