Meyer's Journal Analysis: Health Restriction

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Health Restrictions To begin, in this journal Diekema informs families and American educators about the problem’s parents have with vaccinating their kids for school requirements because people believe they have a right to do want they want to their children. This journal focuses on the issue of vaccinations for school requirements. Diekema states “All but two states allow personal belief exemption for legal vaccination school enrollment”. Some parents choose not to inject their kids with diseases. Parents also don 't want their kids being around sick people to get them sick. With the flu being so contagious and dangerous causing deaths and people being hospitalized vaccinations are very important for our youth. The youth is our …show more content…

For example, America has groups and organizations to help get other people to stop bullying. Therefore trying to reduce the amount of bullying on social media and in schools. Japan on the other hand can not control the bullying. It 's gotten so out of control to the point that Japan 's suicide rate for teens has increased dramatically.
More importantly, in this journal Astor, Meyer, et al, inform educators about school violence programs because school social workers can have a huge impact. This journal focuses to prevent violence as much as possible.Meyer explains how, “School social workers have to balance the importance of research and support programs and what 's known as grassroots.” stated by Meyer. Involvement at the school level to create programs that fit the needs of each school. The authors research major trends concerning U.S. school violence and explore areas where workers can improve and make an impact to help reduce violence.
Likewise, in America, violence is covered in your basic health education class. Therefore, they will have a decrease in school violence. Japan ignored that section in health class. Therefore, violence will continue to occur and nobody 's doing anything to …show more content…

Accordingly, America allows students to dress freely but with some restrictions. Wants everyone to feel comfortable and free. Japan on the other hand makes everyone wear a specific uniform. Helps focus more on education and not how you look for school. Above all, In the journal Brasington informs economist that the income of households around a school can greatly affect the schools. With the school being in a better financial position that can help the safety and supplies for the kids. Teachers are the ones who basically watch kids all day long so if you increase the pay of teachers they will care for children more which will make the schools environment more safe to be at. A school can improve just by the neighborhood it 's in and the amount of money the people around it make. The overall quality of the schools in nice neighborhoods will improve drastically. Therefore, America makes sure when a school is built that it is in a safe environment. Kids should have the safest education possible. In Japan, they only care about your education If you are able to get an education that is all that

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