Compare And Contrast Japan Education Vs American Education

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Education in the United States versus Japan
Education within the United States is something many would like more effort by teachers or funding in different areas. The values of the American education system are flawed in far too many ways; the best way to show this is in comparison to Japan’s education system. The US focuses heavily on ranking high in subjects such as math and science, while Japan focuses on the students and how to turn them into functioning adults who are likely to succeed. These similarities and differences are apparent in what schools teach and how they teach them to students in Japan vs. the US.
In the US, students have their days filled with lectures that drone information into their heads. There needs to be an active …show more content…

They are left to figure it out alone if they are not lucky enough to have a teacher willing to sacrifice their time for them. Japan instills values in its teachers to hold the values of the school they teach for and be active role models to students in their actions. Helping students do well is a necessary process for them.
Japanese students work in teams outside the classroom to keep their school well-maintained and clean, participate in clubs, and plan and execute festivals and events. These tasks give them teamwork skills and a general work ethic not refined through only schoolwork. American schools have janitors, and students do not care and will blatantly disrespect the school and vandalize it for their amusement.
Japan uses strict structure and loose lesson planning to help teachers better help their students. Teachers in Japan can focus on helping students learn things that will help them in society, not just read from a book. American teachers do not have that luxury; attempting to do so will hurt students due to standardized testing at the end of the year. These tests need to consider what students already know, not what they feel they should know; they do not include fundamental life

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