Eyebrow Persuasive Essay

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Oh my God, look at her eyebrows! If one is a millennium, they’re bound to be familiar with that phrase. Eyebrows have always existed, but they’ve never been more popular than the bushy trend now. Stars like Cara Delevingne are assisting them in remaking their prominence. Eyebrows have always had their roll throughout the years, but their importance is rising with time. Social media and celebrities are influencing bushy eyebrows greatly into becoming the greatest trend of the 2010s.
Ultramodern celebrities have had a huge impact on all eyebrows. Brows are spiraling towards their height with the help of upcoming stars. If one ever heard of Cara Delevingne, it would most likely be due to one of two things. A, her acting in various movies such as in John Green’s Paper Towns or B, her full, beautiful brows, she’s the face of this fleeky trend. USA Today Magazine has even asked the question many may be wondering,“What would our eyebrows look like today without Cara Delevingne?” (Trans Bui). A study of 2000 women by beauty retailer feelunique.com found a …show more content…

Eyebrows have existed as long as man, but they’ve never been this stylish. Brows define who a girl is. They’re among the first things others look at when first meeting (Cochran). There’s even a Reddit thread on eyebrow judging! The Guardian magazine interviewed Victoria Anderson, a researcher at Cardiff University who writes about social media. “Women are aware they will be perceived and judged at any time and that’s not just the male gaze, it’s the peer gaze,” says Anderson. “Eyebrows are about power and self-definition.” The Guardian also interviewed Refinery29’s Caseley-Hayford. “My friends who have no interest in fashion are engaging with beauty more, especially brows,” she says. “False lashes and lip fillers, as seen on the Kardashians, are not for everyone. But everyone can do their brows, which make them an easy trend to follow.” Even the Chicago Tribune has said, “big and bold eyebrows are

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