Semi Permanent Make Up Research Paper

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The Benefits of Semi Permanent Make Up

If are a man or woman who can handle the idea of getting a tattoo, you may find the benefits of semi permanent make up to be plentiful. The idea of semi permanent make up is to save time, save money and to improve the appearance.

The routine is completely safe, providing it is done properly. A topical anaesthetic should be applied before the 90 minute process and the procedure should be administered by a certified technician, preferably by one who has experience in cosmetology or in the study of facial features. This should be a procedure that's not so painful and the effects should last a few years.

The Advantages of Semi Permanent Treatments

The idea has been planted and it's taken off with much popularity. This is a type of tattooing that applies pharmaceutical grade pigments to the skin. The goal is …show more content…

It saves time and there is less worry about their appearance during a shoot when rain or water is involved. There's absolutely no smudging. In reality, this procedure improves self esteem as there's less worry about appearance.

Semi permanent make up that is applied to the eyebrows, should frame the face and improve the definition of the brow. There are various techniques to choose from when considering the eyebrow.

If the brown seems sketchy, a three dimensional hair simulation method will give the appearance of a full, thick brow. Complement the complexion with a choice of shades and colors that will look fabulous with or without make up.

The eyelids can receive the same semi permanent treatment. The eyes will appear larger and brighter as a result. This process will enhance the natural hair line.

Achieving fuller lips is another benefit of semi permanent make up. The technician will define the border encompassing the lips and to the lip's body. This trick will shape and add symmetry to the lips while providing a smudge proof lip

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