Nt1310 Unit 5 Circuit Paper

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3. Insulation material: made from XLPE and isolate between the three phases, its thickness is about 5.5 mm along the cable 4. Outer semiconductor: uniformly distribute the voltage on the surface of the insulation 5. Earth layer: made from copper, used to ground the cable, in case of short circuit it protect the cable by leaking the short circuit current into the ground, its thickness is about 25mm2 area 6. Filling: synthetic fibers used to make the cable circular and to fill the gap between the phases 7. Inner layer: made from PVC, collect the phases of the cable and make the cable circular and protect the cable from the armouring 8. Armouring: Steel wire is used to wrap around the cable to protect the cable from the stresses and mechanical effect 9. Outer cover: PVC layer used to protect the cable from the external effects of the soil and the land and prevent the moisture and water from reaching the inner components of the cable Fig 32 medium voltage three phase cable isolated by XLPE Components of medium voltage single core XLPE cable: as shown in Fig 33 1. Conductor: stranded wires from copper or aluminum with a suitable cross sectional area relating to the ampere of the load 2. Inner semiconductor: uniform and distribute the electric field to prevent interference between …show more content…

• Then the fault cable is tested to determine the type of fault, 18 KV is applied on each phase for 5 minutes, if the phase can carry this voltage, so this phase is good and no fault on it, if the phase cannot withstand this value of voltage, this means that the insulation is damaged and this phase is faulty, If one or more phase cannot withstand the 18 KV then these phases are faulty and the type of fault is short circuit due to breakdown of the insulation, but if the phases withstand the 18 KV applied but the current from the sending end not reach the other end, this means that there is an open circuit fault which is may be break in the conductor or the joint connecting the

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