Electrical engineering Essays

  • Pros And Cons Of Electrical Engineering

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    Electrical engineering careers are the cream of the free world. Electrical engineering over time has brought about the invention of most the technology people use today. Electrical engineers by definition is “a branch of engineering that deals with the practical application of electricity especially as related to communications, the distribution of power, and the design and operation of machinery and equipment”. (merriam-webster, 2015). Electrical engineering has many different fields and professions

  • Hooke's Law Experiment: Reverse Diode Characteristics

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    BEng (hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Module: Engineering Science (TC40064E) Assignment 1 By student: Erwa Mahmoud ID: 21289340 Contents: Pages: Hooke’s law experiment: Purpose of the experiment: Equipment: Procedure: The result of spring 1 to 3 The Graph result of spring 1 to 3 Conclusions: Tensile testing experiment Purpose of the experiment: Equipment: The result : Diode characteristics Procedure: Equipment: The result of the forward

  • Thomas Edison's Inventions

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    light bulb was to make it inexpensive and safe. Following his success with the light bulb, he built his first electrical station in New York in 1882. Four months later, he powered 5,000 lamps, printing presses and fans; by 1890, he powered 20,000. Amazingly, he accidentally discovered the materials to make cement while developing his milling operations (Encyclopedia.com, “Electrical Engineering”). Following this discovery, he made an automatic cement maker in 1889, which was used to construct landmarks

  • Ohm's Law Lab Report

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    ¬¬¬¬¬¬Abstract Electrical circuits are described with mathematical expressions. Usually, it is possible to calculate the currents and voltages in a circuit by solving a set of equations, the calculations are required to design a safe circuit.and this is one reason why advanced mathematics is so important in the field of electrical engineering. The circuit equations can be determined using Ohm’s Law, which gives the relationship between voltage and current in a resistor (V=IR), and Kirchhoff’s Current

  • Nikola Tesla's Contributions To Physics

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    also how people lived their lives. Through his discoveries in commercial electricity, Tesla changed the world in the 20th century and molded the way technology was used. His contributions to electricity, most notably the alternative-current (AC) electrical system, are still widely-used today in contemporary society. Most people today have heard the Tesla name through the renowned Tesla motors, but few understand the impact that Nikola Tesla left in modern science and technology. Tesla was born on

  • Nikola Tesla's Discovery Of Radiant Energy

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    duplicate the results that Heinrich Hertz had claimed to achieve in affirming the existence of electromagnetic waves, the discovery of which Hertz announced in 1887. While replicating Hertz’s experiments, Tesla experimented with violently abrupt DC electrical discharges and discovered a new force in the process. Only after conducting exhaustive experimental trials

  • Thomas Edison Legacy

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    Company-the first investor-owned electric utility-which was later named General Electric Corporation. In the year 1881 Thomas Edison left Menlo Park to establish facilities in several cities that had electrical systems being set up. By 1882, the Pearl Street generating station brought 110 volts of electrical power to 59 customers in lower Manhattan. Furthermore, in 1884 as mentioned before Edison’s wife Mary died. Two years later he married Mina Miller, who was 19 years younger than him. In 1887 he built

  • Progressive Era Research Paper Nikola Tesla

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    Nikola Tesla Figure From Progressive Era Research Paper Essay Nikola Tesla is an inventor with a very vivid imagination a visionary who saw electricity as a means to change the world. He deserves a place in history for the many accomplishments and contributions he made throughout his lifetime. One such invention that he made impacted the world for being the only person to perfect the efficient use of alternating-current electricity which is widely used for power transmission in the world today. Nikola

  • Capacitor Lab Report

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    INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Fundamentals of capacitor Capacitor is very useful component in the field of engineering and it is used in various electrical and electronic circuitries. Capacitor stores energy in the form of electric field. Capacitor also known as condensers which stores energy when charge and release energy when discharge . There are different forms of capacitors which are used widely, but common thing about this all capacitors is that they are made of two conductors

  • Personal Narrative: Short Story: Steven Ng Teen Cheong

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    The lads were trapped and they knew pretty well that the old man will not give up so easily. Highly intoxicated, they were not in any mood to compromise their freedom which meant finding a way out of the tight situation they were in, and the only road out of the neighbourhood was blocked by this gutsy old man, Steven Ng Teen Cheong. It was a classic OK Corral showdown again but instead of being the famous Marshal Wyatt Earp of Tombstone, Arizona packing a six shooter firearm it was Steven Ng, the

  • Where The Gods Fly Analysis

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    It can be extremely difficult to move to a new country. You do not have any family, friends or familiar faces and you have to start a completely new life in a land with a different language and culture. This is what Jean Kwok writes about in her short story Where The Gods Fly written in 2012. Where a mother has to decide if she should take her daughter out of her dance classes. Is it fair for the mother to take away something her daughter loves so much? The short story is about a Chinese immigrant

  • Jem Finch Character Analysis

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    Jean Louise Finch (Scout) is the daughter of Atticus Finch and the sister of Jem, she is also the main character and the narrator of the story, and she grows physically and morally throughout the book in positive and negative ways. There are multiple events in the story that changes her, they develop her morality too. For example her fear of the Radleys, Atticus’ parenting and how Jem and Dill’s friendship is larger than her with them. The world of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was placed in the past,

  • Alexander Graham Bell: The Inventor Of The Telephone

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    Mabel was the girl that he loved but during that time he had to create his invention, so he did not spend a lot of time with her. While Alex was thinking about how his device would work he asked the help of Thomas Watson, a man who worked at an electrical shop, to be his partner. Bell stated, “Inside the earpiece there is a ring armature between a permanent magnet and a

  • Comparing Thomas Edison And Nikola Tesla's Inventions

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    While Thomas Edison is more well known than Nikola Tesla, they both made inventions that changed the world. Not only were they both inventors, but they also were from the same time period and Edison even hired Tesla to work as an inventor for his company. Although they worked together they were very different people. Edison was born in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children. When he was young he got sick and couldn’t start school until he was eight. When he did start school, the

  • Nikola Tesla Research Paper

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    care about the money. Nikola Tesla pioneered a lot of history’s most important inventions. One of those inventions was the “Tesla Coil”, developed in 1891, the Tesla Coil was an alternating-current electrical

  • Robert K. Greenleaf: Servant Leadership

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    Leaders are individuals who can inspire and motivate followers through their actions and words. Servant leaders put an emphasis on the needs and desires of others and place them over their own. Servant leadership is rare when compared to other leadership styles. The term servant leadership was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf, in his essay, “Servant Leaders” (Center for Servant Leadership, n.d.). However, servant leadership can be traced back to biblical times, with Jesus being the perfect example of

  • Personal Statement: My Passion For Computer Science

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    Computer Science personal statement When a friend asked me: "Why do you like computer science?" I found myself unable to give an answer. However, from that moment on, I tried to understand what makes computer science so attractive for me. My passion for computers started in the 9th grade, in 2008, when I started studying it as part of the introduction to computer curriculum in my high school. This seems like interesting because there was no computer in our elementary school in Bingol, the Kurdish

  • The Influence Of Samuel Morse

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    Today communication is simpler than it was many years ago. We can call and text anyone in the world with just a tap of our finger. Over a hundred years ago people had to handwrite letters and send them in the mail. This changed thanks to Samuel F.B. Morse. He simplified the telegraph machine and invented the Morse Code.(pbs.org). Samuel Morse was an influential person whom helped the world communicate easier and become more innovative. When Samuel Morse first went to Yale University his interest

  • Essay On Electric Appliances

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    homeowners normally have devices and electrical appliances in their homes. These electrical appliances require electricity in order to work effectively. This is the reason why you should hire a residential electrician to install and maintain the electricity wires in your home. You should not install and maintain the electricity wires all by yourself. This can be detrimental. You can actually get an electric shock which can lead even to death. It can also damage your electrical appliances and cause more damage

  • Catalytic Fracking Research Paper

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    Catalysts Catalysts are substances that speed up chemical reactions but do not get used up so they can be used over and over again. Reactions that take place in the presence of catalysts are called catalytic reaction or catalysis. Catalysts are used in many industries. Some catalysts work by providing a surface for the particles to come together. They decrease their activation energy, which means that particles can now collide with less energy resulting in more effective collisions. (Book- GCSE