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  • Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

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    hearing my father, an electrical engineer, talk about electronics and maintenance-based companies. There were times when he would show me images of transformers and generators, describing how he worked on those machines. As a child I was infatuated with electronic devices and this obsession has now matured into a passion that energizes me to aspire for more. The appetite for a life connected to electrical and electronics has motivated me to make a career in Electrical Engineering. Though debatable

  • My Passion In Electrical Engineering

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    watching T.V., I was opening some remote-controlled cars. Looking at the way the phone was charged and the T.V. needed electricity to work, I also took a great interest in electrical engineering. I was close to opening my own T.V. set once. I was born in India and lived there for 12 years. India is a country where engineering is the most chosen subject, but few inventions are made that are eco-friendly and easy to make. Also, there is a major electricity problem, not only in India, but also in Africa

  • Essay On Electrical And Computer Engineering

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    I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Ph.D. program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I would like to start by explaining some important points of my life in order to discuss my short and long-term professional goals and how they are shaped. I have always enjoyed studying mathematics and sciences. This led me to attend a high school with a special focus on subjects relating to mathematics and sciences. During the high school

  • Master's Degree In Electrical Engineering

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    STUDY PLAN Academic Background: I have completed my undergraduate studies in Electrical engineering from “University of Engineering and Technology Lahore”, Pakistan, in May 2015, with a CGPA of 3.58 out of 4.00. I was an active somehow indulgent student among others during my undergraduate studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top 1’s list of 120 students in my undergraduate class. If observed by the meritorious

  • Summary Of Purpose In Electrical Engineering

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    I am ABHINAY DOMALA ,an undergraduate student in Electronics and Communications Engineering from St.MARTIN'S ENGINEERING COLLEGE affiliated to JNTUH, have applied to graduate program in Electrical Engineering at your University. In the following lines I attempt to give a brief portrayal of my interests, aptitude, education and extra curricular activities. The process of learning continues throughout once life says an old adage. As one goes on learning new things, one realizes that there are many

  • Electrical Engineering: The Field Of Computer Engineering

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    Electrical engineering is a field in engineering that involves the study of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. Electrical engineering has subdivided into other fields such as telecommunication, power engineering, control system, signal processing, microelectronics, computer engineering and digital computing. These fields have conjoined with other engineering fields and formed other fields such as mechatronics, electrochemistry, nanotechnology, hardware engineering and microwave engineering

  • Master Of Science In Electrical Engineering

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    applying to pursue my Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. My area of interest is Communication. I intend to do my research work in image and signal processing, video processing and medical imaging. My career goal is to pursue my career as a researcher, either as a teaching faculty or in an R & D department of an industry. With the enthusiasm and the predilection to science, I started my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In my childhood, my father used to help me

  • Electrical Engineering Research Paper

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    am applying to pursue my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering. My research interest is in the signal, image and video processing, VLSI and embedded systems and biomedical sensor. My career goal is to pursue my career as a researcher, either as a teaching faculty or in an R & D department of an industry. With the enthusiasm and the predilection to science, I started my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In my childhood, my father used to help me to study mathematics

  • Electrical Engineering Motivation Letter

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    Mathematics and Physics in Matriculation Exams 2006. While studying the introduction to Electrical systems in Physics, I discovered my innate interest in the digital world. When I passed the HSS exams, I wasn’t burdened by what path to choose, Electrical Engineering had already been chosen

  • Essay For Electrical Engineering

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    My name is Numan Ahmed and by writing this letter I would like to present myself as a candidate for Master of Science in the field of “Electrical Engineering”. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Electrical Engineering from University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan and gained 3.34 CGPA out of 4 with the virtue of hard work & being punctual. With my commendable efforts, My academic performance has been always on excellent level and it can reflect my dedication and

  • Electrical Engineering Purpose Statement

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    Name: Vishal Patel Electrical and Computer Engineering I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics engineering after completion of diploma in Electrical engineering. I wish to pursue for master of engineering in Electrical engineering with specialization in computer engineering or relevant. Since childhood, I am attracted to electronic gadgets. I was been curious to know how gadget works and how they are made. My father manufactures electrical transformers. So, I am

  • My Goals For Electrical Engineering

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    family and relatives because I had a talent for mathematical questions and calculations, as well as a vivid imagination and a clear memory for poems and numbers. The encouragement of my family became the first incentive I had toward pursuing electrical engineering as my field of study at university. When it was my first year of school at the age of seven, my father had a cardiac arrest and had been out of work for fifteen years and had challenges with pain before he died when I was a sophomore at the

  • Personal Statement Of Purpose For Electrical Engineering

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    Ever since childhood, I was drawn towards electrical structures. I have always been eager to innovate models that would require little or no human inputs, machinery that would create ease and benefit humans. I have come across situations in which I had to deal with electrical appliances, such as LEDs to televisions. Electrical related things are part of our lives and I have handled them well because of my expertise in this field. I am not professional but have shown an interest to my ability. I would

  • Personal Goals In Electrical Engineering

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    by a windmill. Using some old hose pipes, plastic tubes and a pulley arrangement I developed the model. This model won the gold medal at the prestigious Indian National science congress. While still in the third year of undergraduate program in Engineering I became the Technical consultant for a start up company. My technical idea won the first prize at Eureka 50K, India’s first Business Plan competition. For the past two and a half years I have been working in

  • Personal Successment: Personal Statement For Electrical Engineering

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    aspirations and mine is to be a Electrical engineer, a dream that I held ever since I was in school due to my deep interest in technical fields such as electrical and electronics. Although, electrical engineer is a difficult career to achieve because it have many obstacles and challenges to be met, but I am sure that I am able to make full preparations for the realization of my dreams. The main preparation I need to prepare is knowledge. Knowledge in Electrical engineering is essential in order for me

  • Final Assignment: Case Study: Electrical Engineering Department

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    208116759 Dana Hisham Shaath 210211134 Rana Mohsen Tolba 210119395 EE-399 Engineering Training Final Report Electrical Engineering Department Kuwait University Dr. Sultan Alanazi July 10, 2014 Preface Having a training course in KEO International Consultants will give us an experience and an idea of the electrical designing in its different fields that will surely help us in our future working life as electrical engineers. In this report we will explain what we have learned so far

  • Essay On Electrical Engineering

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    Electrical Engineering One of the growing fields in modern society is the field of electronics, specifically resulting in the need for more electrical engineers. Currently as more manual labor is being shifted from man to machine the need for skilled people to maintain the machines has grown as a result. This growth results in a strong work field where there is ought to always have jobs open. The field of electrical engineering is not an easy field, this also results in reducing the number of workers

  • Electrical Engineering Assignment

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    Name: Mohammad Ali Bamasaq Team NO: 5 Member NO: 6 ID: 1635434 Section: A2 Date: 9/10/2016 Electrical Engineering   Introduction: We live in country have a new vision for future. If we take a look to factories only which was in 90’s not more than five hundred and at end of 2015 it was more than seven thousand. The industrial is growing too fast and number of engineers are growing up slowly in some major. There is a gap between numbers of factories needs and engineers. We have

  • Career In Electrical Engineering

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    fighting back. I Mr. M.S. AKHIL KUMAR an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Maturi Venkata Subba Rao(MVSR) Engineering College affiliated to OSMANIA UNIVERSITY. It is with a sincere sense of gratitude towards the opportunity given to me, I pen down this statement. To look forward for a challenging career and purse my masters in the field of Electrical and Electronics And do commendable work. I have determined that a dedicated higher study on Electrical and Electronics will enable me to aggregate

  • A Career In Electrical Engineering

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    Electrical Engineering is an industry that has changed the Universe. In a very little period it has changed the way we have looked at things since many centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our future for millennium to come. Hence my desire to do masters in electrical engineering with VLSI as my major. My interest in Electrical dates back the early days of my high school. My career goal is to pursue research in the field of Electrical Engineering. I am of firm conviction that suitable