Hilton Garden Inn Marketing Strategy

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KETING STRATEGY A marketing strategy is a process or model to allow a company or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Or it is a process or model to allow a company to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and there by achieve sustainable competitive advantages. The marketing strategies of Hilton Garden Inn are as follows. Philip Kotler defines marketing as a social process used by the people, individually or in a group to achieve what they want by the creation or exchanging their product details and their values with others. As in the case of our project with the …show more content…

The controllable variables in this context refer to the 7 P’s. Each firm try to build up such a composition of 7 P’s which can create highest level of consumer satisfaction and at the same time it meets the organizational objectives. The 7 P’s of marketing are:

PRODUCT (SERVICES) Product refers to the goods and services offered by an organization which satisfy the needs and wants of an individual as well as an organization. We are paying not only physical or tangible products but also for the benefits it will provide. In short, the product is a bundle of benefits which a market offers to the customer for a price. So the term product include both goods and services. The Hilton operates hotels and other related services in accommodation, gmbling and entertainment areas. They offers accommodation services through its hotel, apartments etc. their major sources of revenues are providing rooms, banquet halls, restaurant, telephone call services, laundry services, travel services, internet services, spa, ayurvedic and beauty treatments etc.
Products are divided into 3 levels,
1. Core products.
2. Facilitating …show more content…

It offers high quality products and services in low price than the competitors Some of their competitors are
Taj Vivanta
Raviz resort
Mascot Hotel
The Hycinth
Through skimming pricing strategies, they offer products and services at high price level than the competitors.
Through Premium pricing strategies, they provide products and services that are perceived to have excellent quality and additional characteristics and features such as providing five star room service with delivery of food to the customer door step with a single call from them They offers only five star and four star room and the company is able to charge its customers at premium level.

Place The goods and services provided by the hotel made available to the customers at a place where they can conveniently make purchase. It refers to the channel or the route through which goods and services move from the source to the final user. Place could be the intermediaries, distributors, wholesalers and

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