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The Culverhouse College of Commerce houses some of the brightest students here on our campus that aspire to one day be professionals in the real world. I consider it to be a privilege to be one of the 8,500 students, and it would be an honor to represent the college. I would love to pursue other students to experience Culverhouse through my role as an ambassador. The ambassador program will enable me to be more involved in my college, as well as share my wonderful experience with others. These two reasons are what ultimately motivated me to apply for this program. It is important to be focused and successful academically, but it is also important to be involved on your college campus. Involvement is key, and it can lead to many life-long friends, opportunities, and experiences. Since involvement is so important, it would be great to be involved in a program that caters to your own college experience directly. Most programs I work for have no relation to my major or my business school experience. I thought by being involved with ambassador program will aid in furthering my knowledge of what Culverhouse has to offer and more about my own major. I already feel my knowledge of Culverhouse is extensive, but when …show more content…

It would be amazing to meet new students and encourage them to attend not on The University of Alabama, but also make the Culverhouse College of Commerce their academic home. It is so important to invest in the lives of others, and you never know what impact you can have on a life. By simply being an ambassador, I have the ability to greatly impact someone’s future career. I struggled with choosing a major, and I understand how difficult of a process it can be. I am sure that if I toured Culverhouse initially it would have been my first choice. I would like to be that person who makes that process for someone else a little

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