From Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work By Jean Anyon Summary

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Preparing For Success In the reading “From Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work” Jean Anyon talks about how schools today no longer share the common goal of preparing students to become citizens in democracy. About 76% of students that are a part of a professional affluent school have shown higher chances of being successful in life. Encouraging students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to seek out into joining a professional affluent school will support students to become united with other students from different backgrounds, become responsible, and help them prepare for college. Being enrolled in a professional school, will support students to become cohesive with other students with different backgrounds. Most high schools are made up if not the same, but close to the same economic class. For example, my town was …show more content…

Higher percentage of passing scores on state exams will show as well as other important advantages. Working and learning from other students in different economic classes, and getting feedback from them and other peers is a benefit of attending a professional affluent school. Some of the other benefits include being responsible and preparing them for college. Like mentioned before, being responsible is a crucial thing to be when students are in college if they want to succeed, being a part of a professional school is where students will learn and master the ability to be responsible. Not only will they be ready mentally for college, they’ll be ready academically which is something that everyone wants to be when they’re starting college. Students will learn and comprehend the importance of college, which will motivate them to graduate high school and start their journey after. Knowing about all these things are important benefits that students will learn from attending and participating in these types of

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