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Analysis of Financial Statements Student number: 10221450 Word count: 2993 words Excluding Bibliography Course code: B9AC106 Course title: Financial Analysis Lecturer: Mr. Enda Murphy Company: Whitbread PLC Table of Contents 1. Whitbread plc 3 Financial Ratio Comparison 6 1.1 Profitability Ratio 6 1.2 Liquidity Ratio 9 1.3 Efficiency Ratio 11 2. Intercontinental hotels group plc and Ratio Comparison with Whitbread 12 3. 10% Stake in Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC 13 Conclusion 16 Market Value and Book Value 16 Bibliography 18 Appendix 20 Appendix-1 20 Appendix-2 25 1. Whitbread plc Whitbread plc is occupied with the operation of hotels and restaurants, and cafés. The company works in two fragments: hotels …show more content…

Company sold its distilleries and left the pub and bar business, refocusing on the development zones of hotels and restaurants. Company’s re-examination as the UK’s driving hospitality business characteristically corresponded with the consummation of this current nation's preparing and pub-owning convention, began by Samuel Whitbread once again 250 years prior. Whitbread’s current position Whitbread is an individual’s intensive industry having 43,000 workers attending some 22 million customers each month, from 2,800 United Kingdom based outlets. Whitbread has conveyed one more year of solid double digit development, with collective sales up 13.0%, basic pre-tax benefits up 16.5% and EPS up 20.1%. This, joined with its great cash-flow, has driven the board to suggest an entire year profit increment of 19.9%. This amplifies its reputation of double digit development, with sales growing by 11.4% in the course of the most recent five years and EPS and dividend per share becoming by 14.7% and 13.5% respectively. (Whitbread Investors, …show more content…

The RWG is led by the general counsel and company secretary and involves the heads of global risk management, global strategy, program office and global internal audit. Supporting the group's major risk review prepares each of the areas and capacities have their own danger profiles that are redesigned quarterly in accordance with the exercises of the vital arranging cycle. During the interim periods, consistent dialog happens between risk managers and risk topic specialists to create, execute and screen nitty gritty danger evaluations, hazard relief systems, controls and key risk markers. (IHG Annual Report,

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