Compare And Contrast Dutch India Company And British Indian Company

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Rashad Cahangirli
BAIS 2017
World History
Analytical Paper 3
Compare and contrast Dutch East Indian Company and British Indian Company
When Europeans countries found new territories, they began to colonize them. In early times, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Britain, France, Belgium and even Germany played important roles in colonizing. While German Empire occupied the East Africa, Belgium started to control the Central Asia. And France established a presence in Indochine and some few regions in Africa. However, the main colonizers in the world were Portugal, Spain, Netherlands and England. This paper will be mainly about the countries that streamed. Although, the Spanish and Portuguese firstly discovered the East by the help of Ferdinand Magellan via going westward, the later the Netherlands and Britain dominated the main strength there.
In fact, the Dutch’s main purpose was to have an access to the lucrative spice trade at that time, which was under the controlling of Portugal. In this way, in the wake of having acquired the data on the sea routes to the East, Dutch maritime force was utilized to assault the Portuguese fortresses and posts on the source to some products such as the wellspring of nutmeg, mace and cloves. Despite the fact that the strategy of Dutch was prosperous and spice trading monopoly was secured, they confronted the solid rivalry of Britain’s developing sea interests. This competition caused the wars in seventeenth century, such as

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