Apush India Dbq Questions And Answers

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Did you know that from 1875 to 1900 there were 26 million deaths caused by famine in India? As the East India Company (Britain) saw India growing weaker they took that as an advantage and sent troops to India and defeated them. Britain soon took power over India, They formed a group of Indian Soldiers called sepoys to join their army. Starting out, Britain improved many things, but after a while they started taking advantage of India by using their raw materials and people to grow their own empire. British Rule in India resulted in the in them taking over the government, taking all the material from the Indians and destroying their land and ending in a large amount of India's population dead because of famine. British imperialism had a …show more content…

The British worked to help preserve the environment and animals (#17).The British destroyed forests and the soil that they farmed on. After a few years the soil was degraded and the quality went down (Doc 7). This shows how even though they worked to preserve the environment, the British were really just tearing up India’s land to farm for their own crops and then ship them back to Britain. The British built 10,000 tracks and 136,000 bridges (#14). They built railways to secure their own British rule in India (#13).Even though they built lots of bridges and railroads for transportation most of it was mainly built to benefit themselves and make sure they kept their rule in …show more content…

They gave them no say in their taxation at all. Britain rule was bad because it made the Indians extremely poor and left them with no money for food. It also impacted India in a negative way because all their soil for farming was destroyed and they also built railroads right in the middle of the towns. These railroads were used to benefit Britain because it made shipping materials and trade easier for them. Lastly, British rule caused lots of deaths from famine. Because the British took all the food that was harvested and sent it back to Britain there was nothing left for the Indians to

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