L Oreal Triple Bottom Line

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Introduction Sustainability has been mentioned as a goal of businesses. During the mid 1990s John Elkington created the triple bottom line plan under the concept of sustainability. Sustainability can be defined in many ways, but the simplest way is “Ability to sustain” (Sustainability, 2010). The triple bottom line is an accounting framework, and there are three dimensions of sustainability among them people, planet and profit (3Ps). The concept of TBL is to measure the profitable, social and environmental performance of the company. Currently, many companies have tried to become more sustainable in terms of the TBL. However, this report will identify the clearly observable of the triple bottom line in L’Oréal company. Background L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics company in France because it has a reputation regarding cosmetics, perfumes, hair products and skin cares. As stated by L 'Oréal (2016), in 1909, L’Oréal was founded by Eugène Schueller, a French pharmacist, innovated a hair dye formula which then later on it has become the number one cosmetic group in the world nowadays. It is cosmetics and beauty company that originated in Paris, France. In 1925, L’Oréal came up with the new hair dried products called “ L’Oréal d’Or” which made the blonde hair looked natural, soft and smooth without getting damaged. In addition, this product made people surprised, and the business boomed because it changed women’s hairstyles. L 'Oréal presents in 130 countries on five

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