Walt Disney Company Triple Bottom Line

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In this highly competitive world, money is one of the most significant factors for people to survive because people use money to satisfy their desires such as clothes, food, and medicines. A company will gain profit from the amount of money that people used, but only profit cannot make company to be sustainable. Hence, every corporation should be concerned about the triple bottom lines which can lead company to be sustainable. The Triple Bottom line or TBL was created by the founder of British consultancy called sustainability, John Elkington since 1994 (economist, 2009). The triple bottom line is separately in three categories, including profit, planet, and people. Firstly, profit is an essential part of company to get good profit and challenge with others. Secondly, planet, corporations should be concerned about their environmental impacts. Lastly, people, companies should be concerned about consequences to communities. From my perspective, companies should balance these three categories, if they want to achieve their goals. This research paper will examine about the sustainability of Walt Disney Company base on triple bottom line. Walt Disney company is an entertainment industry, that has a prestigious history. The Walt Disney, originally known as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio was established by Walter and Roy Disney as equal partner on October 16, 1923. The company changed its name to the Walt Disney Company in 1986. The headquarter of Walt Disney Company located in

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