John Elkington's Triple Bottom Line

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The main goal of many businesses in the world is to gain as much profit as possible. Environment has been destroyed to provide what people need. In the middle of 1990s, John Elkington has introduced the triple bottom line because he concerned about the sustainability. The triple bottom line attempts to solve many problems by focusing on three things which are people, planet, and profit. Companies have to measure that they do not damage to any of the triple bottom line in order to be succeeded in terms of businesses. Theses three things are connected. For example, in terms of planet, if a company deforests many areas just for producing goods, many people would not consume their products. To clarify, the profit of the company would reduce because their products cannot be sold. This concept is to make businesses responsible to every thing that involved with them such as people or environmental. Imperial Tobacco is one of the biggest producers of tabasco products, which has established by James Buchanan Duke since 1901. Their products can be found in 160 countries worldwide. The company emproys about 36,000 people in 50 factories around the world. There are about 40 brands of cigarette that made from Imperial Tobacco such as Winston and Davidoff. In 1996, Imperial company has began to …show more content…

If the areas are not already established, lands are cleared by burning to grow tobacco. Every tobacco company is one of the major problems that cause climate change especially Imperial Tobacco Company. Planting tobacco plays an important role in deforestation. It occurs the most when farmers use wood and and fuel to clear the lands. Approximately, 2 billion square metres of forest are cut down for planting tobacco, which is about 4% of all global deforestation. Furthermore, every cigarette contains greenhouse effects which cause gasses. it releases about 5 billion kilograms of methane to atmosphere every

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