Deforestation Effects

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According to the World Wildlife Fund, approximately twenty-seven soccer fields worth of trees are cut down per minute (Hook). Deforestation is a major environmental problem occurring all over the world. Trees are being cut down constantly for a number of reasons, which is greatly harming the environment. Deforestation is causing more and more problems in the world such as, global warming and loss of habitat. Trees are being cut down at a very fast rate and we need to do something about it before it is too late. Deforestation has a major effect that is harmful to the world’s atmosphere (TS). Global warming is a result of deforestation and a main factor in hurting the atmosphere. Trees take in and store carbon dioxide, while producing oxygen …show more content…

The atmosphere becomes more dry and the climate starts to get warmer. With less trees, areas can now dry out and become barren. This could drastically change the species lives living in those areas. Species that live in places where deforestation occurs are victims of the negative effects it has on the environment (TS). According to The World Counts, “70% of our world’s plant and animal species live in forests,” and when deforestation happens, animals lose their habitats. When animals lose their habitat (Anadiplosis), they are not accustomed to their new surroundings and could potentially go extinct. Species depend on forests to survive and when the forests are cut down, the animals have nothing left.
Forests are heavily depended on for resources and ways of life. The Pachamama Alliance Organization claims that, “the tropical rainforests of South America are responsible for 20% of earth’s oxygen.” This proves the earth relies greatly on forests and may suffer consequences because of the speedy rate trees are being cut …show more content…

A solution to this problem is to make a set of rules and laws to help protect the trees. Implementing these restrictions would force people to leave the trees alone because it would be against the law to harm the trees. It would automatically lessen the amount of trees lost because people would not want to break the law when there are other options. People focus on the economic gain deforestation, which encourages them to start illegally logging. If organizations and the government could enforce these laws, it would greatly decrease the number of trees being cut down. We need people to wake up and realize what is happening. We need people to take action and help put an end to deforestation

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