John Lewis Case Study

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This EMA will be looking at John Lewis Partnership (JLP); how the JLP have been affected by global and international retailing, sustainability and ethics, and technology and retailing. I will be making three recommendations that JLP might take to ensure their long-term success. I have chosen the John Lewis Partnership (JLP), as I believe it is an interesting retailer to explore. The 84,000 permanent staff who work for John Lewis are partners, not employees. John Lewis, (2018) Together, these partners co-own the business and benefit from an annual profit share based on how the companies perform, John Lewis, (2018). This allows the staff to feel connected to the company and creates financial incentives for them to work hard. The chain is…show more content…
23) retailers in the UK, Europe, and the USA are looking for new markets to enter. So it is no surprise that the global and international retailing environment has positively affected the JLP. It has enabled the retailer to increase the number of countries it delivers to on its website:, from 33 to 40 countries Rigby, (2016). Today, John Lewis is continuing to develop their international presence to bring their business to new countries around the world, by expanding their online international delivery destinations John Lewis, (2018). Although the JLP offers international delivery, they only offer delivery on selected products. They are gradually increasing their products for delivery available abroad, in an attempt to provide customers with more choice. JLP is regularly developing their website to meet customer’s needs. For logistical and legal reasons, not everything JLP sells is eligible for international delivery. Now, their customers can make orders for products to be delivered to countries including Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Furthermore, customers can now pay for their goods from over 10 different currencies.,(2018) Both John Lewis and its sister supermarket Waitrose have recently expanded their international coverage. Waitrose is selling in China and to expatriates as it looks to grow its grocery sales. For now, John Lewis is going ahead with strategies that have already seen shop-in-a-shops in the Philippines and stores at Heathrow and St Pancras International that are designed to increase brand awareness Co-operative News.
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