Business Case: Best Buy Fights Against E-Waste

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Executive Summary The given case “Best Buy fights against electronic waste”(E-waste) is about a company Best Buy, which has grown from 1 million dollar annual revenue to 49 billion dollar annual turnover in less than 40 years. Best buy is a consumer electronic retailer which has captured 21% market share in United States and was founded by Richard Schulze and he was the person who recognized the demand among college-age consumers for audio equipment. Best buy has adopted a holistic approach as its vision statement says, “People, Technology and the pursuit of happiness”. Thus it tries to keep balance with all the stake holders such as consumers, employees, vendors and shareholders. To enhance competitive advantage and sustainability, they realize and start facing the environmental issues and the awareness regarding the deterioration of the environment has increased this has leads to change …show more content…

As the blind rush of the companies to make profit has literally destroyed the environment. Thus, the steps taken by best buy shows the direction in which rest of all needs to go to save environment. Best buy has shown how to incorporate business strategy and CSR for the grater good of masses. It has not just make profit by its recycling program but also it sensitized the customers to save environment. As it is a link in supply chain so, can expect that others in the supply chain such as manufacturer and suppliers will also behave more responsibly and they will also work in the direction of sustainable business environment. Best Buy’s continuous efforts toward sustainability and ethical practices earned it a place among Ethisphere’s 2010 list of Most Ethical Companies for its second year in a row. This shows how respectable this company has become (Frazzoli, 2010). Therefore, company’s CSR program is a long term investment which is going to benefit it not just in short span but in many years to

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