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In the essay “On Dumpster Diving”, the author Lars Eighner informs us about the art of dumpster diving. The writer, who speaks from personal experience of gathering things from dumpsters, prefers to be called a “scavenger” rather than “foraging” for scavenger, in the writer’s opinion, has an honorable meaning for doing something that takes skills and experience. In the beginning, Mr. Eighner demonstrates the stages that any new dumpster diver goes through. Feeling of shame and Self-hatred is the first phase which the author explains as they hate to be seen. However, after they realize how perfectly good stuff people throw in dumpsters, they become obsessed by gathering anything their hands lay on. Yet, eating from dumpsters, according to the writer, is not for everyone for it takes more experience and carefulness. …show more content…

The writer has truly convinced me that dumpster diving is not a sin as the society look down upon rather than a way to survive and get knowledge along the way when dumpster divers learn about people and their trash. People don’t recognize in everyday life that they are carelessly throwing away good stuff just for minor imperfections. In addition, they are continuously consuming things just for the sake of feeling good about themselves and in reality they have no need of them. The desire of owning more stuff, these days, are horrifyingly have become the scale that shows social status. The more stuff you own; the more respect you get from the society. Finally, I feel that Eighner feels happier than the consumers, because he can survive in the worst condition and still be satisfied about himself, while other people are pampered and only seek comfort through buying more and more stuff that they don’t really need. I have nothing but respect for dumpster divers who live on the margin of society, but still manage to service and as a sign of my respect I will capitalize the word

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