Shoplifter Research Paper

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Ways how shoplifters have found to work around this is they will go and find someone off the street or a friend and have them complete the return. Retail companies will give the customer the return on a gift card. A shoplifter will do two things they will spend the gift card on other merchandise or they will sell the gift card to pawnshops for half the dollar on the gift card. One of the things that helped us when it came to return fraud was that we would get the shoplifters name and information from there driver license. We would take the information and start the investigation on the shoplifter. One of the things I would first look at is public record see if the shoplifter has a history of crime. Usually when you see someone who has stacks …show more content…

A store kept having missing firearms on their delivery trucks. The weird thing about this was that the seal on the truck was never damaged or broke. We knew that the firearms where making it on the truck but couldn’t figure out where they were going from there. When conducting his investigation he found out that the same truck driver was always driving the truck. My boss partnered with the ATF and they did surveillance where they followed this truck to a wooded area and watched the truck driver somehow was able to take the hinges off the doors and were able to get into the truck that way. The ATF surrounded the guy and apprehend him. This guy was really smart in how he was getting into the trucks, but like I always like to say a shoplifter will always leave some kind of trail. I haven’t met a shoplifter who hasn’t. Police have seen an increase in ORC crimes over the past few years and a lot police forces will schedule meeting with all the retail companies in the area and will have a presentation of groups that we need to keep an eye out for. A lot of the retailer will also have presentations because there is always a good chance that who they are seeing hit their store are probably going to try to hit you store. It helped us who to keep an eye in are store when we were either watching cameras or walking the sales

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