Dumpster Diving Summary

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In the text "On Dumpster Diving," Lars Eighner gives us an inside depth of what it's like being homeless and having to dumpster dive for living. Lars Eighner shows how dumpster diving has become a full-time job because it's the only way he can survive. Eighner claims that dumpster diving requires a lot of effort, he made some rules that would help others in the same situation become more efficient and find supplies that are useful for their survival.Dumpster diving has helped Eighner realize that materialistic things aren't necessary and that you should live off necessity. Eighner used to invest on materials that weren't necessary, but dumpster diving has helped him find value in his life and it helped him realize that people need must be grateful for what they have. In today's society a lot of people invest so much on materials that they want, but aren't necessary. Once their belongings aren't deemed useful anymore they just throw it out. I found it …show more content…

Eighner's intention in this essay is to condemn consumer wastefulness. Eighner clearly gives some insight of consumer wastefulness. America is a consumer based country that usually consumes and wastes products especially food. Eighner wants to show consumers that they should care about what they dispose and pay attention on what they can save that would be useful to them. Eighner's tone is this essay is very formal. He lets consumers know that just because he's a homeless person it doesn't mean that his opinion shouldn't matter but he knows about the circumstances because he was once a consumer and he gives insight of both sides. This essay makes wonder whether consumers will see what Eighner is trying to show them. Will society see how much produce is wasted? Are people going to think about what they throw out in the trash? Will the amount of wasted product decline, stay neutral, or will it

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