A Rhetorical Analysis On Homelessness

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People ignorant about the struggles of homelessness and would rather make homeless people “disappear” than help them

Message/Goal of this piece:

Addressing the issue of homelessness and raising awareness to this program as an alternative to making it a crime to be living in poverty. It shows that chromic homelessness can be solved

Behaviors/ Aspects of society being satirized:

The treatment and attitude towards homelessness and homeless people e.g. banning, arresting, and giving them fines. This piece shows the ridiculousness of the anti-homeless argument and that they are lazy moochers undeserving of help. People who would rather spend to criminalize homelessness than use the same time/money/resources to help fix this problem

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This is important or you will miss the point.

Satirical techniques used and their impact

This whole thing is a parody returning a lot of satirical generalizations about homeless people like it is said “our image of poor people starving and idling in squalor” however he continues on to say “really is not accurate.”

The satirical techniques used are:

Parody – parodying a news segment – “Hasan Minhaj reports”. Impact – uses satirical humor to talk about this issue


Alluding to way America is “alleviating” homelessness. – puts into perspective what is being done to those in poverty

Alludes to 3 real news segments - All of the real news have the effect of showing just how real this opinion on homelessness is.

Alludes to movie interstellar - Movie ref. shows real people’s ignorance to homelessness the movie makes no sense but he’s saying that it makes more than helping poor people.


Sure sounds like a good idea – verbal irony
Goes against the real argument of this video but it’s him personified as real people and their opinions

Cost to hard Utah’s – situational irony
He expects that giving people homes and such to cost more than helping

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