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Homeless people are viewed as the rats and inferior people in society; often ignored and looked down upon, homeless people have the deficit of not being able to have many of the comforts in life that we may have. This is not only hurting our society morally, but it also helps us economically since there are people that aren’t buying/selling things or working. This is a major issue, since in the meanwhile, we as a society are throwing away things that still have worth or can be used. This is elaborately described in Eighner’s essay “On Dumpster Diving,” where he narrates his life of homelessness, detailing the struggling and analytical life of homelessness. During his narration, he emphasizes the fact that he has been able to survive due to…show more content…
There is the risk of botulism, dysentery, and even being convicted for violating potential laws. Not only does this hurt our society, but it is the necessary step to find shelter for the homeless, ideally to prevent them from getting any life threatening diseases before it is too late. There should be more shelters set up in order to provide a home and food source for them. There should also be crews set out in the streets during specific times of the day in order to find homeless people and bring them to a better place. Instead of waking by these people on the streets, we should encourage people to assist and support these people, since they are in dire need of help. The life Eighner describes in his narrative gives off the impressions that it is a very tough life and heavily luck based as well; instead, we should provide services in order to give these people a more comfortable and attainable…show more content…
He often finds food that is still warm and edible, and even discovering valuables which still contain some form of value within itself; so that poses the fact that our society disposes of unnecessary things which would be considered wasteful. How can we prevent such useful and valuable resources to going to waste? Our Government can enforce new regulations that divide certain objects (food, merchandise, clothes, etc…) into different categories so that when the “garbage men” come to pick up the supposed “trash;” it would be much more easier to determine what can be salvaged and what can’t. This is a very effective method, since we can utilize similar approaches and mindsets that Eighner once used and apply it to our own methodical way of liquidating such

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