Internalization Strategy Of Lenovo

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1.0 Introduction The main objectives of this report is to identify and critically evaluate the strategies used by a chosen Multinational Company (MNC) to internationalize. Firstly, this report will clearly analyzed the current internalization strategies that being used by the chosen Multinational Company (MNC) which is Lenovo Group Limited and its relationship with the theory of internalization. Secondly, a relevant of internalization strategies will be proposed in this report which is suitable for the internalization of Lenovo Group Limited. 1.1 Background of the case The chosen company is Lenovo Group Limited which is a multinational technology company that is headquartered in Beijing, China. Established in 1988, Lenovo is the largest information technology enterprise in China, engaged primarily in the sale and manufacturing of personal computers, mobile telephone handsets, computer servers and printers, in China. It has been the market leader for seven consecutive years, commanding a 27 per cent share of the domestic PC market in 2003. It is also the market leader in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan), with a market share of 12.6 per cent in 2003. (Fan, Y. 2006) 2.0 Critical analysis of the internalization strategies engaged by the company 2.1 Identification of current internalization pattern 2.1.1 Foreign direct investment The current internalization pattern that Lenovo has been used is the foreign direct investment which take the form of merger and

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