Social Responsibility In Tesco

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In the recent years more and more companies in the retail and food industry are concerned about the environmental consequences of their action and also the social ethics for the people involved in the production process. This is a shift from the philanthropic actions companies used to take in 1970’s and by following basic international standards to a ‘business case’ perspective of CSR (Customer Social Responsibility). According to the World Business Council for Sustainability Develpoment ( WBCSD) CSR is: ‘’ the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, theirfamilies, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life’’ (World Bank, 2002) According to TBL (TRIPLE…show more content…
By this the company emphasizes on the fact that an excellent collaboration with its supply chain partners is vital in order to perform the CSR strategy in its global network. (Tesco and society review , 2014) The important role supply network has on the Tesco CSR strategy is manifested in the essential of trading responsibility. Tesco proclaims about its relationship with suppliers: ‘’Building strong partnerships with trusted suppliers will ensure that we deliver high-quality and safe products that are responsibly produced’’. (Tesco , 2013) But how Tesco cooperates with its suppliers globally for the CSR purposes? As it is referred on its annual report, Tesco has sent teams of experts to all the markets (especially from developing countries): they source products to collaborate with supplies who produce fair trade products. According to Fair Trade International Fair Trade is: ‘’ a trad¬ing partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in developing countries.’’ (Fairtrade International , FLOCERT, WFTO, 2011). The products created with these standards are fair trade…show more content…
The adoption of CSR strategy is also another drive factor for companies as it is perceived a way to gain competitive advantage. Those two aspects are strongly connected and the role of the supply chain in CSR strategies is vital (Blowfield & Murray, 2010). Companies which have not only adopted CSR actions but have highlightened them as a core factor of their long-term strategic planning may find complexities to uphold their social and enviromental standards to the whole value chain.The key issues that must be solved in the supply chains to support the firm’s CSR strategy are: • The partnership companies have with their suppliers: Companies, likeTesco, must collaborate more closely with their tier suppliers without underestimating the controlling them to esnure that sustainable ethics and actions are applied. • Particularly, for the transportation/distribution sector, the reduction of fuel emissions can be achieved by achieving a successful perfomance of lean supply chains, with organized distribution plans which will minimize the
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