The Organisational Culture Of Tesco

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Tesco is retail organisation working in the UK and has accomplish numerous turning points that made them the greatest retail supermarkets everywhere throughout the world. The organisation is working with various 67,784 stores in a wide range of nations on the world with a turnover of about £62.284 billion as it is recorded in the year 2015. Business pattern of the Tesco incorporates grocery stores, hyper stores, and superstores alongside their substantial assortment of organic and non-organic item in the business sector. The organisation is recorded in the London Stock Exchange. It is a part of FTSE 100 Index. Besides, the organisation is likewise one of the organisations that offers internet shopping services to their purchaser and the reason in the quick moving time, when individuals have restricted time to evaluate their life necessities, Tesco 's potential buyers utilise the organisation 's online administration and recovery their time 1.1. Management Functions within Organisation Handy’s Model of Organisational Culture Figure 1: Handy 's Organisational Culture Model Handy’s organisational model of culture helps the organisation to understand the internal culture within the organisation and understand the flow of power among the employees. It is observed that Tesco is among one of the organisations that deals in the international market however, it would be appropriate for the company to focus on their internal working structure so is to increase their work balance

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