Boost Juice: Organizational Culture

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Boost Juice is an Australian organisation that specialises in making juice, but has also recently opened ‘Salsa’ stores as well. They started in 2000 and since then have opened 250 stores in 12 different countries (Boost Juice, n.d.). This report analyses the organisational culture, management and leadership styles of Boost Juice as well as how they engage and motivate employees in the documentary Undercover Boss. An issue and strength will also be identified within this and recommendations will be made. Finally, the Undercover Boss method with be evaluated in order to support the recommendations made.

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An organisations culture is a reflection of its identity. How employees act and talk about the business reflects on Boost Juice’s brand imagine (Chron,2016). Looking at Grace for example, Janine said that she reflects the youthful Juice Boost culture. Having a positive motivated manager will reflect on the whole team and inspire them. When Tina started cutting back her hours as a manager at her store in Perth due to health issues, the stores figures went down, proving that the team follow the attitude and effort put in by the manager. Boost Juice even says on their website that “every company is only as good as its people”. The Boost Juice employees work together as a ‘team’ rather than a ‘group’, the difference being a group simply share collective norms and goals whereas a team have complementary skills and are committed to a common purpose. Working as a team rather than a group means that Boost Juice workplace cohesiveness is improved and productivity is increased. (Kinicki, Scott-Ladd, Perry & Williams, …show more content…

The information from this was then used to identify one issue problem and one significant strength of Boost Juice and also make recommendations. Boost Juice currently has a strong organisational culture that is supported by their positive and motivated employees. Janine has a strong leadership style which is obviously working for the company, but by going on Undercover Boss and breaking the corporate hierarchy she was able to understand any issues she was seeing on paper. Employees are obviously already motivated, emphasised by the business culture. However, Janine giving each employee incentives that would benefit them individually will help the company become even stronger and motivate employees even more. Boost Juice just needs to focus on communicating more between upper level management and their employees on the shop floor. They are the ones who are the face of the business to customers and they are the ones who see first-hand any issues to do with the stores. Communicating with them is key in order to have a full understanding of what they are doing well and where they need to improve. At the end of the day "The art of communication is the language of leadership" (James Humes,

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